What is First Look?

Many couples tell us that they want to do a “First Look” on their wedding day, but aren’t sure exactly what this means.

Some couples mistakenly think that a “First Look” refers to a situation where the two people each stand on either side of a door or a column, hidden from each other’s view, and then reach out and touch fingers or hold hands. While this can be very romantic, it is not a First Look.

A First Look is when you and your beloved see each other in a private moment that takes place after you are dressed and ready, but before the ceremony is scheduled to take place. A First Look is also a great opportunity for us to spend 30 to 60 minutes taking the pictures of the two of you that are called the “Romantics.” This gives us much more time to be creative than after the ceremony, when you will want to rush through the photos so you can maximize your time with your guests.

If you want to be traditional and wait until the ceremony to see each other, that’s completely fine. It’s your day, and your choice. But if you do want to include a First Look, please be aware that you will need a minimum of 8 hours of photography coverage, to allow for this extra pre-ceremony photo shoot time.